International Service Activities
  • Club Youth Exchange Program

Since 1982-83 the Club has annually sponsored a student from overseas to live and study in Beaufort for a year. The Club arranges for host families---sometimes Rotary members, often not. 

  • Host an Ophthalmologist

    Our Club, along with the other two clubs in Beaufort, have financially participated in a joint American Academy of Ophthalmology/Rotary Foundation program "wherein young ophthalmologists from developing countries who have shown a strong interest in the prevention/reduction of blindness in their home countries and who have never been to the States before, visit a local Rotary Club for about a week and then go on to the AAO convention." Dr. Baxter McLendon hosts the Beaufort program, who the club has supported for a number of years.

  • Water Mission International.

    The Club participates with the District in funding Water Missions International. 

  • Rotary Shelter Box Program.

    The club actively supported this program which has grown to become the largest Rotary Club project in the 100 year history of the organization.