Fund Raising Activities
  • Onion Sales

    In the spring Beaufort Rotarians purchase or sell boxes of "Vidalia Onions" for themselves,  family or friends. Each Club member is responsible for selling a minimum of 100 pounds of onions or paying $50 instead.

  • Port Royal Rotary Charity Crab Race 
    (A joint venture with the Rotary Club of the Lowcountry). A major fund raiser held in April as a part of the Old Village, Port Royal Softshell Crab Festival. The goal is to raise money for our charity projects.

    Approximately five-thousand (5,000) rubber crabs are made available for adoption. Crabs are adopted by contacting a member of the Beaufort Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of the Lowcountry or online.The participating clubs seek both individuals and businesses to adopt crab for a suggested donation of $10.00 per crab. Approximately five-thousand crabs race, regardless of the number adopted. The crabs are dropped into Battery Creek near the Sands Boat Landing in Port Royal. Winners are determined by the first adopted crab to cross the finish line. Chances of winning depend on the total number of qualified entries. 



Water Festival

  • Lowcountry Supper 

Each year, during July, the three clubs of Beaufort sponsor the Low Country Supper as a part of the Beaufort Water festival. Forty-one of our members donned rotary aprons and served the meal, a traditional Frogmore Stew. The supper is one of the highlights of the Festival.

  • Beer Sales

We also participate with the other clubs in selling beer at the annual Water Festival.